Join Janette as she hosts her first sign party with Ann Gregory Decor-- featuring some fun SEASONAL DESIGNS plus some classic Ann Gregory favorites!!

You come ready for fun, we bring everything you need to produce your chosen sign. There will be numerous color choices so you can match your sign to your own home. (But feel free to bring your own colors if you want something specific!) No experience or creativity needed.

AT CHECKOUT: You will be redirected to PayPal where you can pay as a guest with your CREDIT CARD or login to your PAYPAL account. Please choose country and state, and make sure "EVENT PURCHASE" is highlighted for shipping.

EVENT DETAILS: This event is hosted by Janette; please direct party questions to her.  We will begin promptly at 2PM. Please allow 2.5-3 hours to complete your project. Keep in mind that painting can be messy and dress accordingly!

December 15th with Janette

  • HOMEMADE WITH LOVE measures approximately 12x14 and can be stained brown, stained grey, or whitewashed. $30.


    SANTA LETTER AND CAM BUNDLE includes TWO SIGNS for $40! Both arrive painted white with a stained brown frame. Letter is approximately 9x16 and camera is approximately 7x7. 


    SNOWMAN DOOR HANGER is approximately 11.5x9 and will arrive to the party painted white. $28.


    CRAZY DOGS measures approximately 16x24 and is whitewashed. $40. 


    TOYS measures approximately 15x24 and is available stained brown, stained grey, or whitewashed. $40. 


    SLEEPS CHALKBOARD measures approximately 10x14 and arrives to the party painted white.  Available framed ($40) or unframed ($30). Includes a chalkboard piece. 


    BAKE CHRISTMAS COOKIES is approximately 12x16 and is painted whilte. $32. 


    WE BELIEVE is approximately 8x22 and is painted white. Available framed ($42) or unframed ($32).