INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST PRODUCT LINE: THE CARBON COLLECTION. Combining simple black and white designs for a classy, timeless look. 


We wanted to show how these two colors, though polar opposites, can combine into something beautiful. In science, the two main carbons are diamonds (white) and graphite (black). Diamonds are one of the hardest materials known to man, while graphite is one of the softest and most fragile. This is also how we look at ourselves as WOMEN, MOMS, and BUSINESS OWNERS: we are strong and tough physically and mentally, but we have a soft side [particularly when it comes to our kids and family] . We relate to you all in that way. So why not celebrate YOU and continue to inspire you by producing a beautiful line dedicated to STRONG + SENSITIVE.


After all, CARBON, on Earth, enables the existance of life as we know it. Isn't that the definition of "MOM"?

Several design options to choose from, using either black or white as a base. You choose your board color and design, and we prepare all of the materials you need to complete your project. PLEASE SCROLL THROUGH ALL OF THE PHOTOS TO SEE AVAILABLE DESIGN OPTIONS. We will only be providing black and white paint at CARBON events; if you prefer something different, feel free to bring it with you.

AT CHECKOUT: Please select your sign choice prior to clicking checkout. You will be redirected to PayPal where you can pay as a guest with your CREDIT CARD or login to your PAYPAL account. Please choose country and state, and make sure "EVENT REGISTRATION" is highlighted for shipping options.

Event details: We will begin promptly at 6:30pm. Any guests arriving after 6:40 may be asked to complete their projects at home. Please allow up to 2 hours to complete your project. Keep in mind painting can be messy so dress accordingly.

February 28th at 111 Bistro

  • The square designs measure 16x16; optional frame can be added.

    The AMAZING GRACE design measures 10x22. This is only available with a frame.

    The LAUNDRY and WELCOME bundles include 1- 10x22 and 2- 8x10 pieces. Optional frames can be added.

    The BLESS, FAMILY, LOVE bundle includes 3- 8x10 pieces. Optional frames can be added.

    THIS IS US measures 28x11; this is only available with a frame.



    Please scroll through pictures to see layout for each choice.