We are so excited to be hosting this paint event for the girls of Girl Scout Troop 495! 

You come ready for fun, we bring everything you need to produce your chosen sign. There will be numerous color choices so you can match your sign to your style. No experience or creativity needed.

AT CHECKOUT: You will be redirected to PayPal where you can pay as a guest with your CREDIT CARD or login to your PAYPAL account. Please choose country and state, and make sure "EVENT PURCHASE" is highlighted for shipping.

EVENT DETAILS:  Please allow 1-1.5 hours to complete your project. Keep in mind that painting can be messy and dress accordingly!

September 30th for Troop 495

  • The two square designs measure 12x12. They will arrive to the party painted white; guests will choose their accent colors.


    The long sign is 6x18. It will arrive to the party painted white and will be reverse-painted-- meaning what you see BLACK in the photo (the writing) will end up being white at the end of the party; and what you see WHITE in the photo (the background) will end up colored (choose up to 3 colors to express your creativity!)