A Day in the Workshop..

We are frequently asked "Did you start this business?", "Who cuts the wood for you?", "Which one of you is Ann?" among many other questions! We will use our first blog post to help you get to know us!

Yes, this is our own personal business and not a chain. Behind the scenes, you will find Stephanie and Alissa. We are sisters from Norton, Ohio. We also frequently solicit help from our third sister, Kristina. She is learning the ropes, but when she's not helping us design, she's great at entertaining the kids! "Ann Gregory" came from the middle names of our beautiful children, Clara Ann and Carson Gregory. They are very much part of the business themselves. But it can be difficult sometimes to get any work done with these two around! Carson loves driving the "truck" cart at Home Depot! And Clara frequently joins us in the basement workshop! ​

Ann Gregory Decor is our pride and joy! We had been discussing doing it for over a year, and we finally buckled down and got busy in October 2015. It hasn't been easy, and it's definitely been a learning experience! We purchase, load, unload, cut, sand, prepare, and paint/stain all of the wood ourselves. This makes for some interesting trips to Home Depot (I don't think you can be a girl in there and not be asked multiple times if you need help!) Our favorite is when we are pushing a cart full of wood through the aisles, and Stephanie's husband, Jeff, is pushing the baby stroller! Definitely a role reversal from the norm!

Alissa prefers the woodworking, and Stephanie is the design master! Together, we make a great team. And Jeff has taught us all we know about power tools! He's not bad at designing, either.... (We may or may not steal some of his ideas!)

With both of us having careers and being full-time moms, it can be difficult to find enough time in the week to get creative! We try to have a workshop day at least once a week. Usually this consists of a trip to Home Depot and a day full of sawing and sanding! And plenty of coffee. Always coffee!

Yesterday was spent developing a ton of brand new ideas! Not only did we prepare 30 boards for our ever-popular Family Name sign, but we also designed new creations for the March and April events at The Winery at Wolf Creek, Houston Hall, and High & Low Winery!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page to see these designs this week!

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