Yes, there are other businesses...

Okay, let’s be honest. There are a TON of places doing craft nights right now. Every day a new one pops up on our Facebook feeds. This home décor stuff is so popular, and ladies’ nights are something we are all in desperate need of! And besides sign-making in general, we are definitely not the only ones finding a niche for the “Family Name” sign! We’ve seen events making similar signs in at least two different studios within a 30-mile radius.

But. Okay, now here’s where we need to be REALLY honest. We aren’t just saying this because this is our blog. But….here goes…our technique and our precision just can’t be beat. Zoom in on some of those other signs that they’re advertising. I dare you. You are going to find some blurry lines on their lettering, and you are going to find spots where the paint bled out the sides of the stencil. Because in most cases, they aren’t using the best materials and they aren’t taking the time or the effort to PREPARE A VINYL (expensive and time-consuming) STENCIL FOR EVERY GUEST! Guess who does that? Us. Oh, we’ve dabbled with making re-usable stencils. We spent the better part of a week trying to cut various materials. (I won’t get into everything we tried…but we were VERY imaginative!) It would save a lot of time and a lot of money, and who wouldn’t want to be able to use something again for another sign in the future??? But, guess what? This happened:

Now this might now look that bad from three feet away. But, there’s a reason we only made it to the “L” in “LOVE”. Zoom in.

Do you see it now? THAT! Yeah, we decided that no time and money was worth that less-than-perfect look! Fast-forward to the product of a GOOD stencil….

Look a little closer......

THAT is what I’m talking about. Now, if you’ve been to one of our parties, you know that the technique and materials that we use are by no means fool-proof. I tell people that only 1 out of 4 signs comes out looking perfect, and almost everyone needs at least some minor touch-ups. But ours typically bleed in, rather than bleed out. Meaning, we can fix it. You just can’t fix blurry lines like that.

Again, not pointing any fingers or naming any names…but, just know that when you come to our workshops, you are getting the highest quality materials possible. And we will make sure that you leave satisfied and proud of your product. From six feet or six inches.

(drop mic)

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