Is it summer yet???

We are wayyyyyy overdue for a blog post. We have been so incredibly busy lately, the blog has been pushed to the bottom of the priority list! We have had so much interest in our business, and we can't thank you all enough! We were trying to come up with a rough estimate of how many signs we have made. Guys, the answer is in the multiple hundreds! We have made over 150 "Family Name" signs alone! This is incredible, for two girls who just wanted to complete some Pinterest projects!

While we fully appreciate that the "Family Name" sign has given us an incredible amount of business, we love designing new things as well! We are looking forward to all of the upcoming parties, both public and private, featuring some new designs! And we are very excited about our Mother's Day events coming up at High & Low Winery and The Winery at Wolf Creek. Stay tuned for previews and registration information for these and for our other new signs! (It is taking everything I have not to post the pictures of all the things we worked on this week.....I'm in LOVE with them!!!!!!!)

On that note, April is pretty well booked, with EIGHT private parties and THREE public parties! May is quickly booking, and June has limited availability due to our much-needed family vacation! Contact us NOW if you would like to schedule!

Here is a compilation of random pictures to show you how hard we have been working!

Stephanie sorting and arranging pallet wood for our special pallet signs! Yes, it's necessary to be IN the box.

A box of pallet wood really doesn't go very far when you're making a lot of signs!

Hey, at least it's a good view sanding outside...but we will be happy when we can do it wearing shorts and tank tops!

Preparing the pallet signs for the party!

Stephanie busy designing!

A weekly morning Home Depot trip, loading up the cart! (Hand-picking wood can be very time-consuming and usually requires at least one cup of coffee!)

Stephanie and Jeff's car and trailer is the ideal transport method, but Alissa's car works well too!

Stephanie busy cutting wood

Boards ready for the nail gun

Signs for four different parties this week. It's going to be a busy one! Good thing we didn't need to fit anything else back there!

And this, just because they're the sweetest. These little love bugs are the reasons we do what we do!

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