We <3 Home Depot

This past week was spring break for Alissa at work. But make no mistake, there was no "break" about it! Coming off of 5 parties in an 8-day span, we had a lot of catching up to do! We made three trips to Home Depot this week, including one trip that was our best ever!

If you are a female, you may know that you can't easily enter Home Depot without being asked if you need help. That used to be the case for us, anyway. But lately we have had a string of experiences where we literally could not get any help if we tried! Only one time ever has someone offered to help us load our car, which is supposed to be standard, especially when you are buying as much wood as we do!

This week, we had amazing help from a female worker. She was the ONLY one working in the lumber section, and she not only asked us if we needed help, but went WAY out of her way to accommodate us by retrieving a pallet of lumber from storage. This is a big deal to us, guys! Without her help, there is no way we could possibly prepare for all of our upcoming parties.

Here are some pictures from our busy week! We also sandwiched spring break by having parties on BOTH Saturdays and Sundays! On top of that, Stephanie hosted a guest in the workshop for her own private party to create wedding gifts, and we completed multiple special orders, including our super cute baseball sign! (DYING to do a baseball party!!!) It was a busy week, and if I had to guess, I would say approximately 82 cups of coffee were consumed! But seeing the finished products makes it all worth it, and we love what we do!

We are extremely limited with availability in May and June---book now if you're interested!

Our favorite Home Depot employee! Closing off the aisles so they could retrieve the wood

Nothing more exciting than a beautiful new pallet full of fresh lumber!

We knew it would be a tight squeeze in the car, we got as much as we could and then went back the next morning for more!

This picture doesn't show how truly packed the car was. Biggest load ever in the Rogue!

Assembling pallet signs! Special thanks to our Dad for helping pick through the pallet wood!

Yeah.....and this was just after the first load! Eek! Lots of lumber for upcoming parties!

Pallet signs for Beth's party, Name sign boards for Wendy's party, and additional lumber to stain for our upcoming Sip & Sign at The Winery at Wolf Creek, as well as Aubrey's party next weekend! Busy, busy, busy!

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