PYOB- Who is the best?

Did I just create a new term???

PYOB: Paint Your Own Board. I think I should copyright that!


With so many "paint your own" businesses popping up around town, how do you choose the right one? I'm not here to bash our competition, because without them, we wouldn't strive to be better. I'm here to give you a little insider info about Ann Gregory Décor so you can see how we are just a little different than the rest.

For starters-- we offer a wide variety of products as party options or for custom order. We started with strictly wood, then branched out to planked and pallet wood. We can now accommodate any type of wood in any shape, size, or thickness. You want a cutout of Wyoming? Sure!

We can do that! We also currently offer pillows, tote bags, clothing, centerpieces, bottle caddies and openers, wine barrel lids, furniture, and more. See something you like? We can make it happen.

Secondly, we are a two-person LLC operation. That's right, two of us. And we do EVERYTHING. If you've never experienced us before, here is a little rundown of what we do to prep for a party or order. We:

- hand-pick all of our materials (fresh cut or local reclaimed wood, soft shirts/clothing, pillow cases, etc)

- cut wood to size, assemble, and prep (stain, paint, distress, etc) according to customer needs-- NO WOOD PRODUCT IS OUTSOURCED

- handle purchasing of all supplies + hardware from several different suppliers

- wash, create, wash again, and iron ALL of our textile products to perfection

- personally format and cut EVERY SINGLE stencil, which are all one-time-use ONLY

- developed and manage our website and Facebook page (we look forward to the day we have time for our Instagram!)

- track all event registrations

- instruct 90% of our events, and provide detailed DIY kits for those events we can attend

- the list goes on......

FOR EVERY ORDER. Over 2,000 orders in 18 months!

Another plus-- we aren't contracted with any other "paint-event" companies. This is two-fold: we have no overhead and we make our own decisions. We have no overhead, so we can keep our prices low. We make all of our own design decisions, so our options are limitless. We are constantly working on new ideas, often times spending countless hours figuring out the best + most cost-effective ways to make them yours.

Speaking of new ideas, we take a lot of inspiration from other sources, but we never buy files and claim them as our own. We do our designs legally, and don't make exact duplicates or use copyrighted items. --Yes, we've turned away customers who have asked for licensed products (Ohio State, for example), and we even sent a customer to a local competitor when she asked for an exact replica.

We also do our own research. We are proud to say in our time as a business, we have not once reached out to a competitor (local or not) asking for their info, their prices, how they do things, etc. You have NO clue how many times we've been asked for party details by someone claiming they want to host, only to see them trying to sell their products-- or worse, using pretty much our exact wording to drum up their own party business-- within weeks (or hours in once case) of our response. it makes us sad, but also shows us we're doing something right.

We are registered with the State of Ohio and we are an LLC. We pay taxes, legal fees, etc, but our prices don't reflect that-- our customers don't pay tax and our prices continue to be reasonable. We do our own thing, with our own prices based on the materials that we use and the time it takes us to produce, not based on ANYTHING (or anyone) else.

But, through all of this, we value family over everything. We are, after all, sisters. We take our kids to the zoo and the grocery store and send them to time out. We take days off for family vacations and celebrations, which is why our calendar is crazy. We appreciate and care for our siblings, parents, spouses, grandparents, inlaws, aunts/uncles and other family , who have wholeheartedly supported us through this (babysitting, financial advice, legal tips, grammar policing, encouragement, doubt, etc).

We are people. We understand real life. We excuse forgetfulness and bad moods and a change of heart. Ann Gregory Décor is because two sisters wanted to help others. We give discounts, free items, and re-do's. We donate to charity and buy local.

Give us a try to see what we're all about! Let us coordinate with you to produce a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or for a gift. Host your own in-home party and receive yours for free. Attend one of our many public events around town. You won't regret it!

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